Monday, November 30, 2015

2nd Grade: Reflection Paintings

We talked all about reflections and how they work like a mirror! We built upon what we learned in kindergarten about symmetry to create these beautiful paintings!
First, Mrs. N held up pictures of fall trees reflecting in the water! Then she held up a mirror and a piece of fake tree so that we could see what is happening in nature- and our piece of tree  'reflecting in the water'! It was so neat to see the piece of tree appear to be upside down!
First we folded our paper in half, then painted the sky and folded it again to create the look of the sky reflecting in the water. 

 Then we painted the grass, and folded it again to create the reflection of the grass in the water. 

 Then, we used the hard end of our brush to scrape wiggly lines in the bottom half of our paintings, to create the look of water ripples!Next, we painted the clouds with a fan brush then folded our paper again! 

 After our paintings had dried, the next class we painted trees and folded them again, creating the look of the trees reflecting in the water! 

 This was Mrs. N's favorite project so far!!

1st Grade: Thankful Turkeys!

 We talked about what it means to be thankful for something, then we turned it into a painting!

We used our fingers to paint little turkeys! After they dried, we decorated them with googly eyes and beaks! We learned that when you use one eye and place your beak to the side, your turkey is looking to the side.... and if you use two eyes, your turkey is facing frontwards! How tricky! 

 Then we wrote "I am Thankful for.." across the top, then made each of our turkeys saying something with a speech bubble! 

 This project was so much fun! It is so wonderful to hear what the students are thankful for- parents and siblings at the top of every list!

Kindergarten: Who Can Resist a Wax Fish?!

 We drew our fish with crayons, which are made of wax! Then, we painted over the fish and bubbles to reveal a beautiful painting!

 We even drew bubbles with white crayons, which later showed up like magic!! This was one of our favorite projects so far! 

1st Grade: Bug Sculptures

We made paper sculptures of bug on leaves for the fall! We used colored strips of paper and our imaginations to create as many different three dimensional bugs as we could! 

 Too cute! Someone remembered all of the food from the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

 Spooky spiders! Yikes! 

We had a blast making 3D bugs! Everyone was so creative!

2nd Grade Haunted Castles: 
We learned how to make watercolors bleed! First we painted the paper with just water, then dripped back watercolor onto the sky so that our clouds would look spooky!

We even remembered how to overlap from our landscape drawings, and drew our towers for our castles in front of the main building! 

Then we added spooky bats, witches, and tombstones! 

 Painting is the best part! 
 Some of us even put alligators in the mote to protect the castle!