Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2nd Grade Presents: Gyotaku Fish Printing

Key Learning Objectives:

-Students learned about the Japanese tradition of recording objects from nature, including fish.
-Diffusion paper was used to mimic the feel of the traditional rice paper, used by the Japanese.
· -They used crayons to create a background/setting for their fish prints. Students then used Tempera cake paints to paint over the background, thus creating a wax resist effect.

  - Some students chose to allow their background colors to bleed, by picking them up and allowing them to drip, creating a more interesting background.

· -Once background were dry, students used fan brushes to spread the paint onto a rubber fish, in place of a real one, then printed them onto their backgrounds!

Students had the chance to use their imaginations to draw a Japanese fishing boat, while they waited their turn to print their fish! I was really impressed with  what they were able to create!

 Our student teacher Miss Boerstler helping students print their fish!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

        2nd Grade Art Class Presents: Egyptian Hieroglyphics

We studied Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics by reading a pop-up book, watching a documentary, and visiting a ‘real tomb’ in the large storage area in the back of our classroom.
The walls were covered in brown paper, hieroglyphics, Egyptian art posters, and even included a six foot long wooden sarcophagus borrowed from the high school theater department, to help create the feeling of a realistic tomb and an unforgettable learning experience! 

First Grade Art Class Presents: Claude Monet Water Lilies

Students learned about Claude Monet’s Water Lily Paintings… 
                           from their student teacher, Miss Boerstler!

·         Monet was a famous Impressionist painter who loved to paint water lilies!
·         Impressionist marks are short marks either painted or drawn that focuses on the accurate depiction of light.
·         Students drew a lily pad and shaded it on one side to create a 3D look, then filled their backgrounds with Impressionist marks, just like Monet!

·         Lastly, students mated their artwork on a color of their choice, then created a three-dimensional lily from tissue paper and pasted it on top of their lily pads!