Wednesday, January 14, 2015

                         Valentine's Day: Hearts for Heroes!!!
  Students in 1st and 2nd grade made Valentine's for local Firemen, Policemen, and Soldiers who work every day to keep us all safe and sound! We talked all about how very important these members of our community are and that we should thank them! They spent their art class making messages of thanks, which will be delivered to local Heroes on Valentine's Day!

Three 'mailboxes' sat in the front of the room, in which students 'mailed' their Valentine to a hero of their choice; including policemen, firemen, and soldiers!

Cole, a 1st grade student, chose to write his letter of appreciation to his father who is currently serving in the Army! He along with his classmates are so proud!

                        A bulletin board for the school to see, before they get sent off to local heroes!
                                                  First and Second Grade: 
           Glowing Christmas Lights with Chalk and Oil Pastels!

Learning Goals:
-Learn how to use oil pastels and chalk pastels to create realistic looking 'glowing' Christmas lights. (Students drew their lights with oil pastels, then colored them in with chalk pastels, and used their fingers to spread the chalk to the outside of the bulb- thus, creating a glowing effect!).

                                                 Kindergarten Christmas Trees!

Learning Goals:
 - Learn how to use 'wiggle scissors' to create a realistic looking edge to the tree.
-Learn how to overlap paper with the tree stump.
- Learn the vocabulary word: Texture (with the addition of the textured edges and the soft snow).
Scooter has his own tree! 

Too Cute... A tap dancing snowman made by a Kindergartener in their spare time!

                  Second Grade's Fingerprint Reindeer!

Learning Goals:
-How to draw Reindeer looking different directions, with one eye or two.
    -Learn how to add details using both oil pastels and metallic colored pencils.  

-How to create a project using multiple mediums (ex. Paint, pencils, pastels, etc.)
- Learn how to mount the finished artwork on a colored frame.
            -Use symmetry to draw the reindeer’s antlers by making them the same on both  sides.

Some Holiday Cheer! My mom helped me decorate the hallways with beautiful snowflakes to thank all the wonderful students and staff at Selinsgrove Elementary!