Sunday, November 23, 2014

Second Grade was given the task to turn ordinary leaf shapes into anything they could imagine, including animals! I was blown away with their use of shapes as anything but 'just a leaf'!

First and Second Grade Presents: Funny Dogs
Students were asked to draw dogs doing the funniest things they could imagine.. which was hysterical! We had dogs flying planes, farming, parachuting, walking humans on leashes, you name it! The students had a blast with this and loved seeing each others work. 

Thanksgiving Art Projects!

Kindergarten's Chubby Painting Turkeys ...

1st Grade's 'Wild Turkeys'...
2nd Grade's Turkey Wreaths... 

Halloween Projects Include: 

Creepy Spiders from Kindergarten! ...



Haunted Houses Using Symmetry from 1st Grade ...


and Haunted Watercolor Castles by 2nd Grade..... 

And we can't forget the visit from Mrs. Nobre da Veiga's puppies.. 
Rocky and Sophie on Halloween!!! 

         Sorry for the delay in posting! Technical difficulties with the site! : (

But it's up and running again!! : ) Sooooo excited to share the students work with you!