Friday, April 25, 2014

                                      1st Grade: Van Gogh Paintings

We learned all about Van Gogh, and got to see many of his paintings! We talked about his technique of painting, called Impressionism. We then learned how to paint like impressionists!

   We added gold glitter to the border. (We mixed the glitter with Modge-Podge and painted it on so that it would stick and not fall off when it dried).

                      Kindergarten: Model Magic Bunnies

      We talked about sculptures, and how to sculpt objects out of clay! Most importantly, we learned what it means to be unique, and that it's important that we are all ourselves, and that everyone's bunnies will be different, and that's okay!
      We learned how to roll ears and make faces with the clay. Then we pressed in googly eyes and buttons for the nose! We then added whiskers, using pipe cleaners, and then drew mouths on with pointy markers!

                 Kindergarten: Rainbows with a Pot of Gold

                               Awesome Artist Awards!!



                       2nd Grade:   Japanese 'Gyotaku' Fish Printing

We learned how to make fish prints with life size rubber fish. This is a Japanese tradition, in which they covered fish (and other natural objects) with ink, then pressed them to a paper (usually rice paper) to record their beauty! We talked about texture, and how it allows for the details to show through. We also used diffusion paper for the backgrounds of our prints, to mimic the feel of the traditional rice paper! We then used tempra paints and water to allow the background colors to blend and bleed together. Lastly, we printed the fish by rubbing them with paint, then pressing them onto our papers!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

1st and 2nd Grade : Easter Chick - 'Oh no! My egg hatched!'

               Kindergarten:  Japanese Carp Windsocks

We learned about Children's Day in Japan and that it is celebrated on May 5th!
We also talked about the Carp and how it symbolizes strength and courage, and the importance of children growing up big and strong.
We used pre-cut Carp fish, that were made from diffusion paper, allowing the colors to bleed and mix together! It was fun to watch the colors mix!
We even had visitors from Japan in our classroom, who were here on an exchange visit with
the high school.