Wednesday, March 19, 2014

 1st Grade's 'Snowy Snowmen - Ice Cream Cones'

    We even learned how to create shading and highlighting, by using blue tempra paints over the side of our snowmen. Then we added details using oil pastels!

1st Grade: Wooden Log Cabins with Texture

We learned all about texture, and used it as many places in our wooden cabin scene as we could. We used scratchy sand paper for the roofs, soft fluffy cotton for the snow, buttons for door knobs, smooth construction paper for the doors, and ripped paper for the fluffy line of snow! We built our cabins, then added details like fences, trees, snowmen, clouds, and even snowflakes!

Clay Sculptures! 

We get to work with clay every time our class earns ten smiley faces! We can earn a smiley face each art class, by working hard, following the directions, and cleaning up well! So far this year, Mrs. Neff's class and Mrs. Winder's class have been in the lead!

(They are soo creative! I give everyone the same amount of Crayola Model Magic and some markers, and teach them about sculpting! It is amazing at how creative they are!  Too cute! 
 Parents- if you haven't tried Model Magic yet, it is wonderful! You can purchase it at Michaels, Target, or Walmart and they is no mess involved and is great for any age! It is air dry clay that can be colored with markers, but also comes in a variety of colors!

Second Grade Sunset Silhouette Paintings!

Monday, March 3, 2014

 First Grade's Snowy Penguins!

Learning Objectives:
  • We practiced painting in the lines and used black and white crayons to outline our penguins so that the paint stays in the lines.
  • We also added texture by gluing on soft snow on the bottom and a soft warm scarf!