Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

             Second Grade : Rain Forest and Under the Sea
                                    Oil Pastel Drawings!!

Key Learning Objectives:

- First students learned how to use proportions when drawing. (For example: We examined how big the eyes, head, and feet were to the the body, in order to determine how large to draw them).
- They also learned how to use color-blending, which is the overlapping and mixing of colors in order to give them a more realistic color!
- Then, students learned how to add a white highlight to the eyes, in order to give them more of a lifelike quality!
- Some also utilized a colored background to fit their image, while others chose black to allow for a greater amount of contrast between their image and the background!

I have been blown away at the talent our students have!

While looking at the bulletin board display, one teacher asked why I brought the work of my high schoolers over to the elementary school! (What a compliment!!)