Thursday, March 31, 2016

New hallway decorations: April Showers... bring May flowers!
By: High school Art Club students and Mrs. N

Second Grade Rainforest Animals - Oil Pastel Drawings!

Kindergarten's Rainbow Paintings!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kindergarten's Realistic Cardinals! 
Kindergarten recently learned how to draw using proportions by drawing simple bird shapes. They were given a white strip of paper which they used to make it look as if the bird was sitting on a branch of a birch tree. 
We then used oil pastels to make the birch tree look more realistic. Next, we drew male cardinals on the branches using red, black, and orange oil pastels. Last we added some snowflakes on the background to complete the scene. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

First Grade's: Snowy Snowmen Ice Cream Cones
      Students learned how to use a technique called shading, to make their cones and snowman appear to be three dimensional. We used oil pastels for the cones, pressing harder on one side to create a shaded look. On the same side of our snowman we used blue watercolor to create a cool blue shaded area. 

 We also created highlights, by using the white oil pastel to draw a brighter line on the opposite side of the cone. Drawing the highlight makes the three dimensional look of the snowman/cone look even more intense. 

      Then we used oil pastels to add the details of the snowman, as well as draw the beautiful snowflakes in the background


     Draw snowflakes, while creating depth by drawing larger ones (which are closer to the viewer), and smaller ones (which appear to be further in the background). 

I think if we were to draw Mr. Heintzelman's snowman right now, he would need much less shading than the other day haha : ) poor snowman!

Kindergarten's: Cut Paper Penguins

Students learned how to…
·     -Draw a penguin, by looking at pictures of real penguins.
·     -Glue only certain parts of the paper down so that it creates a popping effect.
·     -Rip white paper to gain the ‘fluffy’ edge look and glue it to  achieve the look of snow.     
       -Draw beautiful snowflakes in the background. 

The students had so fun fun making these! Some even gave their penguin a name!

Even caught this little guy (below) on the one hundredth day of school haha! Too cute!

Some even decided to give their penguin siblings : )